Release Notes


Backward-incompatible changes:

  1. The monero.prio submodule has been removed. Switch to monero.const.
  2. Methods .is_mainnet(), .is_testnet(), .is_stagenet() have been removed from monero.address.Address instances. Use .net attribute instead.


Backward-incompatible changes:

  1. The Transaction.blob changes from hexadecimal to raw binary data (bytes in Python 3, str in Python 2).


  1. monero.const has been introduced. Transaction priority consts will move to monero.const.PRIO_*. The monero.prio submodule has been deprecated and will be gone in 0.8.
  2. Methods .is_mainnet(), .is_testnet(), .is_stagenet() have been deprecated and new .net property has been added to all monero.address.Address instances. The values are from among monero.const.NET_* and have string representation of "main", "test" and "stage" respectively. Likewise, monero.seed.Seed.public_address() accepts those new values. All deprecated uses will raise proper warnings in 0.7.x and will be gone with 0.8.


With version 0.6 the package name on PyPi has changed from monero-python to just monero.

Backward-incompatible changes:

  1. The .new_address() method of both Wallet and Account returns a 2-element tuple of (subaddress, index) where the additional element is the index of the subaddress within current account.


Backward-incompatible changes:

  1. The ringsize parameter is gone from .transfer() and .transfer_multiple() methods of both Wallet and Account. Since Monero 0.13 the ring size is of constant value 11.

  2. The class hierarchy in monero.address has been reordered. Address now represents only master address of a wallet. SubAddress doesn’t inherit after it anymore, but all classes share the common base of BaseAddress.

    In particular, make sure that your code doesn’t check a presence of Monero address by checking isinstance(x, monero.address.Address). That will not work for sub-addresses anymore. Replace it by isinstance(x, monero.address.BaseAddress).